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Meet Reana

Hello, my name is Reana. I am a certified Reiki Master and Natural Holistic Healer who uses age-old healing traditions and ancient wisdom to help people heal on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Learn how I overcame the confusion and doubt that many of us face in our lives, to reconnect to my true calling as a healer, teacher and wise woman.

Your Healing Journey

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Embrace Healing. Embrace Your Heart.

Are you looking for a natural, gentle and more personalized form of healing? Whether you need to heal from old wounds, old patterns, limiting beliefs, or struggle with physical pain, I offer several healing services that can give you that sense of relief, peace and contentment. 

Meet Reana
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Helpful Holistic Healing

Find Your Individual Path to Wellness . . .


Individual Reiki (people & animals)

Perfect for de-stressing, balancing energy and pain relief. I also offer classes for those who want to learn how to perform Reiki.


Heart Harmony

Pathway to Your Heart Wisdom - Learn to listen to your inner heart, as you identify and overcome blocks in your life that may be holding you back.


Grieving a loss? I offer support and guidance, as I help you find your way through the grieving process for over

40 different types of losses. 

Need help feeling centered? Soak in a variety of healing sounds as you enter a state of deep relaxation that can offer clarity and peace.


Sound Healing

Grief Recovery Support

Forest Bathing

Enjoy the healing powers of the forest as I guide you on a sensory experience that will engage, uplift and relax, as you reawaken your connection to nature and yourself.



Reana is naturally a gifted healer . . . (She) embodies a quiet way about her that mirrors and reflects her humbleness, professionalism, caring nature, and highly developed skills. I was truly impressed with her accuracy in sensing, her healing touch and I felt completely comfortable in her presence. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an authentic healing experience.

- TF


How I Work

Healing often starts over a warm conversation with a friend who truly listens. From that initial talk, to the sessions we share, I want to be your guide as you move toward better health and a better outlook on life. Together, we will travel into your deep inner self, to find what moves you, inspires you, what ignites your heart. We will also learn what could be blocking you and what may be robbing you of your personal power . . . Let's  bring about healing. Learn more about how I work . . . 

Beautiful Green Moss and Fern

Individual Sessions

Seeking personalized experience of deep self-reflection and healing? Take your healing journey as an individual, the ultimate gift to yourself.

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A Lovely Community of Trees

Group Sessions

Looking for shared experience? Introduce my healing practice to your community group, family/friends or staff and bond over a shared experience with like-minded people.

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Summer Sunshine on Water

Classes and Events

Want to learn how to heal yourself or others? Join my classes or special events to deepen your knowledge of natural healing, learn and practice new skills and receive hands-on training from a certified Reiki Master. 

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Hpw I Work
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Fraser Heights, Surrey, BC  

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