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Reana's Bio

Reana's Bio
Reana - Natural Holistic Healer

"If you're searching for something to believe in . . . If you feel broken, wounded, have lost your way, or your heart is aching because you haven't listened to its deep calling, then give yourself permission to take that first step toward your journey of healing."     ~Reana~

My name is Reana and I'm a holistic healer whose mission is to help people find clarity and inner peace. I guide people through grief, the stresses of daily life, anxiety, or limiting beliefs that can undermine your personal strength.

My journey toward this sacred calling began in the North Okanagan, where I grew up, roaming the mountains and hills on horseback and foot. Even from that young age, I felt an inexplicable connection to the land. Nature inspired me. Nature healed me. And the seeds of my future calling were planted there.

Though I quickly took to natural healing, my journey wasn't a simple one. Like many people in my twenties, I was drawn to the collective energy of the big city and the allure of a "professional career" in the Lower Mainland. I became trapped in my own head, analyzing, coping, trying to survive the career treadmill. I was starving for nurturing, peace and sacredness. I knew I was experiencing heartbreak and a yearning for a gentler time, for the young girl's perspective that had been eroded, molded and conditioned away, to make room for what I thought I wanted.

I was suffocating and I had to walk away.

Was is easy to walk toward the unknown? Yes and no. I knew it would involve removing all the armour I had built up around my heart. I knew that process would be sometimes be painful. It would involve deep inner work. But to write a new story, I had to follow the familiar whispers in my bones. Once the decision was made, I felt confident in my resolve, I reconnected to my youthful calling. I learned the ancient, earth-centered wisdom of nature's cycles and rhythms, and how to tap into the sacred, healing knowledge of the inner heart. 

I became a healer, Usui/Holy Fire® III/Karuna Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. I used my life experience and my hard-earned heart wisdom to help people who are struggling, disconnected from their true selves and nature (a common problem in today's supercharged, stressful world). And several years ago, I created Tender Heart Healing, so that those seeking clarity and healing could embark on their personal journey in a safe, accessible and caring place. 

I wish to guide people through their own rediscovery, to regain a sense of empowerment, and a feeling of balance and peace. And I know I am fulfilling my heart and soul's calling by helping others to find their own heart wisdom.

I am so very grateful for those who have led me here - my former and current teachers, Angela Prider, Kelly Kiss, Virginia Smith, Sandra Indergman, Elders from the Kwantlen and Tahltan First Nations. I include teachers Gemma Benton, Dr. Sharon Blackie, Siddha Sandra, Kahontakwas Diane Longboat as well as the natural world and Spirit. I am also deeply blessed and with respect and in gratitude to work, play and live on Kwantlen, Coquitlam, Kazie, Semiahmoo First Nations and all Coast Salish Peoples' unceded traditional territories. 

"Amidst nature, and our beautiful natural landscape, is remembering, connection, healing, and accessibility. It's home. It's peace."   - Reana

More about Reana

Reana is a Reiki Master and Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) and an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). She received her certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist in 2015 and has trained with well-known healing arts and sound healing international and local teachers, as well as Indigenous Elders. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, along with a Provincial Instructor Diploma (PID) for post secondary. Reana is also an Ambassador for Tiber River Naturals, a Canadian company that offers natural, safe, eco-friendly products for people, home, and pets. 

She also completed a three-year apprenticeship several years ago in Shamanic Earth Medicine and consistently studies the Healing Arts. Reana is also a Wise Woman, Mother, Artist, Animal Guardian, Wisdom Sharer and Land Keeper who can be seen in ceremony with the land or tending to her local community. 

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I'm spiritual by nature. I don't follow a religion nor believe in man-made dogmas. I do respect other people's beliefs and if a certain religious practice helps a person heal, then I will support it without projecting my own beliefs on clients. 

I believe that love, kindness, compassion, and empathy are integral to a good life and mind. It doesn't cost anything to smile, offer a sincere compliment or say, "May I help you?" 

I believe in animism, which means we're are all connected - mountains, rivers, animals insects, the land place and people, as well as Spirit (Source, Universal energy, God). What affects one affects all. All are equal and worthy of reverence, respect and well-being.

I trust in our heart and body's wisdom and intelligence. If we slow down and do the inner work . . . we can find that happiness and peace do reside within.

I believe that grief cannot be circumvented. It must be gone 'through' in one's own unique way, with no comparisons nor judgement. Each of us are on our own path toward healing and personal authenticity.

I am an advocate of eco-spiritual/earth medicine-based modalities that promote health and well-being of the land, animals and people, alike. Nature has many gifts and the closer we are to nature, the greater the positive impact for ourselves and the world.

I believe in living heart-driven rather than ego-driven. Life is much more beautiful and easier when we live from the heart. It opens you up to all of life's wondrous magic and miracles. Gratitude and respect are the keys.

"From a whisper to a burning, from "sensing" to "knowing", from deep pain to inner peace, I awaken the potential in others. It fuels my heart and soul. It is an honour to guide others in their journey from wandering Seekers to fulfilled Finders." -Reana Selody Joubert

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