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Forest Bathing


As the forest heals you . . . it's absolutely magical. 

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Shirin Yoko, where the term "Forest Bathing" was derived, this healing practice involves walking in nature, within the forest, to calm and clear the mind. The walker immerses themselves in the forest atmosphere while experiencing a solo inward journey that mirrors the external landscape.

Forest Bathing is ideal for urban dwellers who wish to reconnect to the healing power of the land. It transports the walker out of the urban cityscape and into the wonder of the natural world.

Known to reduce blood pressure and heart rates, forest bathing also boosts the immune system, enhances your overall wellbeing and reduces feelings of stress, depression and anger.

As a forest bathing practitioner, I will set up and guide you along your walking session, which will be planned in intervals, to maximize the healing benefits of the forest. 

If you want to discover clarity and peace, do deeper inner work, or heal through a most natural way, then this offering is for you. 

Forest Bathing Rates:

We don't go far but may take 2 - 3 hours.

Private Individual Walk - $105

Private Couples Walk - $130

Private Group Walk - 3 - 8 Walkers - $40 per person; 9 - 12 Walkers - $35 per person

Forest Bathing Offering
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