Group Sessions

Interested in a Healing Group Session? 

The experience is often different from the solitary reflection of an individual session. Group sessions are great for building a sense of community through a shared experience or outing. Many people prefer a group dynamic because they feel safer in a larger group setting and wish to commune with other like-minded people. Groups also benefit from a shared energy that can uplift, inspire and connect, perfect for office retreats, corporate health and wellness initiatives, or community groups. 

I offer three different group offerings . . . 


Forest Bathing

Escape from the hectic city and allow the forest to envelope you in wonder and peaceful beauty. A guided walk will help you maximize the beneficial qualities and healing properties of the land and forest. It not only slows down a daily routine, Forest Bathing allows you to just breathe and de-stress as you benefit from the forest's wisdom. We begin our walk with a ceremonial invitation to commune with the forest, and end up with a tea ceremony and a sharing of experiences - perfect for corporate groups, community groups, friends, families or partners.

Note: This slow-paced journey is suitable for all activity levels. Groups are not assigned. You must sign up as a group. The length of the walk is approx. 1 Km and lasts about 2 - 3 hours.


Cost: About 2.5 Hours

Private Couples Walk ~ $130

Private Group Walk - 3 - 8 Walkers ~ $40 per person

Private Group Walk - 9 - 12 Walkers - $35 per person

Guided Meditation with Sound Healing


What better way to enjoy a special time with friends, family or coworkers than through a guided meditation session customized and crafted especially for your group? I can focus it around a special theme or a certain goal or intention, whether it's to focus, calm, center, align chakras or inspire. It is a very effective way to de-stress and receive clarity and healing, while listening to the beautiful woven sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drums and other instruments.

Note: This offering can be booked by a single group, as a closed group session, or can be offered as an open group session, where individuals can sign up and spaces will be filled by me. Groups cannot be larger than 5 persons. 

Cost: 1.5 Hours ~ $25 per person

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that facilitates the flow life force vibrational energy to help the body de-stress and self-repair. It is a gentle, non-invasive form of healing, perfect for people and even animals. It induces a total state of deep relaxation and can alleviate pain, including symptoms of chronic medical conditions, as well as depression and anxiety. If you have an interest in natural healing and earth medicine or would like to learn about this unique healing art, I would love to share my knowledge and practice in a group setting.

Note: Classes are open group sessions, where individuals may join. Classes are typically offered on Saturdays 9 am to 6:30 pm. Manuals are included. Animal Reiki classes require a prerequisite of Level I Reiki to take this course. These classes meet the Canadian Reiki Association standards.


Cost: varies with each level of class

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Disclaimer: Reiki Healing, Earth Medicine, Heart Harmony, Sound Healing and Forest Bathing are not substitutes for allopathic medicine. If you or your animal companion have a health concern, always consult a physician or vet. Tender Heart Healing does not diagnose, treat, nor prescribe medications.