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Heart Harmony


Need clarity or understanding when it comes to a particular issue?

Heart Harmony is a mixture of heart-driven healing modalities that help you heal, connect and listen to your heart's path. I create a safe, compassionate space where clients can embrace what is truly bothering them, where they can let go and express themselves without feeling judged.

Being heard allows the heart to open and to blossom. It allows you the hear the heart's wisdom beneath the words that are spoken. Through re-connection to the self, you finally learn to embrace and accept all that you are and to celebrate your true, authentic self. 

There are several healing 'journeys' you can take to reveal your heart's inner truth. 

Listening to your Heart Whispers Through an individual session, you'll address a specific issue or concern. Your healing experience will take you on a journey of discovery, where you'll attain deep clarity and learn to tap into those inner "whispers' that can guide you to greater peace and fulfillment. 


90 Minute Session - $110


Pathway to Your Heart Wisdom - This offers a deeper dive into your inner wisdom. Structured in three steps that vary from person to person, these deepening sessions will guide you toward a greater understanding of yourself. This process involves some deep inner work. But with commitment and honesty, this journey can unfold and address any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

Rates: This is a longer-term healing practice that involve 6 hours of individual sessions. Your investment for this sacred time is $500. See 'How I Work' for the details of what this particular journey includes. A furthering package is available. 

Each "journey" will be tailor-made to each client and can employ different heart-healing modalities such as compassionate listening, earth medicine, sound healing, Reiki energy healing and life wisdom techniques. One or many can be blended together during a session. 

During our time together, I can work on anything you would like to address, whether it's reconnecting to your body senses, releasing old patterns that no longer serve you, finding your inner 'self', changing your perceptions for a lighter outlook on life, finding peace and contentment or learning new techniques for continuous self-healing. 

Heart Harmony Offering
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