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How I Work

Your Healing Journey Begins Here

Your sacred healing has already begun as soon as you turned to this page.

It may being with the desire to work on a certain issue, to free yourself from feelings of disconnection, anxiety or pain, to explore a particular modality, ancient earth medicines or to have a transformative experience that can push the "reset" button on your life.


Whatever brought you here, it means you're finally ready to explore the workings of your innermost heart and to discover your true self. You're ready to release old patterns and ways of thinking that could be holding you back from achieving peace, happiness, serenity and clarity.


From Heart Harmony©, to Reiki, Sound Healing or Forest Bathing, and Grief Recovery®  Support, I use ancient methods and traditional healing practices to awaken the senses, balance energy, alleviate pain or to find that deep connection to the inner self, so clients can find meaningful solutions wherever they feel "blocked", stressed or out of sync.

It's a magical thing when it happens. The moment a client awakens to their true inner self, is the moment they achieve the stillness needed to listen to the stirrings of their heart. And I invite you to learn more about the ways in which I work, so you can understand how our sessions will take place once you being your journey of self healing and exploration. 

Your Journey Can Follow Any Path . . . Which path is calling you? 

My intention  is to help you awaken, to identify and release any stresses within the mind, body, and spirit, and to restore calm and peace within yourself. And the healing modalities in which I work can help you do the inner work that is required for that sense of peace, belonging, and contentment that we all so desperately crave. 


My work varies from client to client and no one session will ever be the same. Each one will be crafted to address your unique issues and goals, and to work on any particular areas of concern. But below, I will give general outlines of my process, so you can choose the healing path that speaks to you. 

Explore My Process

The healing process begins with our initial conversation. Before the first session, I take some time to get to know my clients and offer them the time they need to become as comfortable as possible. I'm going to be working closely with you, and you may need more than one session, therefore we must build a relationship based on trust and respect, for a deeper healing to begin.

I also encourage you to speak to your doctor before our sessions, if you have particular medical concerns, as I do not provide medical advice, diagnoses, nor prescribe medicine for medical conditions. 



Reiki is perfect for those who wish to reduce stress and pain, promote self-healing or to induce a deep state of relaxation.

H.I.Wk Reiki Sessions

What to expect during Your Session . . .

After our initial introduction, I will invite you to lie down. You do not have to remove any clothing. You just need to feel comfortable, so you will be asked to remove your shoes before lying down.

The session itself will involve the light application of touch from head to toes (of course, modesty is important in certain areas), and sometimes no touch at all. At times, my hands may simply hover just above the body as I seek to balance and harmonize your energy. It is not a forceful process, where I direct or command energy. Rather, I gently invoke the energy to flow that will best help the client and their particular needs, whether they are mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. 

What will I Feel? 

As I work with your energy, you may experience gentle sensations of hot or cold, sometimes a tingling or lightness in the areas I'm working. Some clients become so deeply relaxed that they even fall asleep. After the session, many clients report feeling calm and relaxed, with a deeper sense of energetic balance and greater well-being. 

How Long Will the Effects Last?

The benefits of Reiki will last approximately two weeks or more in some people. It's not a quick fix but builds upon itself from session to session. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions?

To see if this modality is one that body, mind, spirit responds to, you're welcome to try one session. Quick, acute conditions may respond quicker than chronic ones, which may require more than one session to a greater frequency of sessions.


Animals, as sentient beings, can also experience stress, grief, anxiety and trauma, whether it's caused by a change of home or routine, the loss of an animal friend or environmental changes. Animal Reiki offers the same healing benefits to our animal companions through a gentle, non-invasive technique.

What to expect during the Session . . .

I always conduct Animal Reiki sessions in the animal's home. It allows for the maximum comfort, which essential for my work. So that they can begin to trust me, I first spend a few minutes with your pet, so they become familiar with my presence. I do not attempt to touch your pet without first obtaining permission and I do this by offering respect. 

Animal Reiki requires a different technique from working with people. It may take a little longer to work with them energetically, but that is why I spend a few minutes for your pet to get to know me, my energy and the Reiki energy so they will become peaceful and calm. 

What will my animal feel?

Similar sensations as a human Reiki session. Maybe the sensation of heat or cold, or light tingling. This is a non-invasive technique that doesn't require any physical tissue manipulation. So whatever your animal is feeling, it will not involve anything that could harm them or cause discomfort. In fact, many pet guardians report that their dear animal family member seem more relaxed and peaceful after an Animal Reiki session. 

Can I bring my pet to your location?

In this instance, I come to your home. I believe that if an animal is not well, the last thing they will want to do is travel. There is no extra charge for my travel.

What are some of the conditions that it helps? 

Animal Reiki can help improve physical ailments such as arthritis, anxiety and/or stress, rescue trauma, post-surgery and transitioning of life. It is also suitable for all animal ages, young and old.

Can Reiki be offered to any animal?

I have offered Reiki to many kinds of animals, from dogs, cats, hamsters and horses, to even bearded dragon lizards. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me prior to booking a session.

Will he/she need Repeat Sessions? 

Again, it depends on the animal, their condition and their response to Reiki. For those with serious or complex medical conditions, or deep trauma, it may require more than one session.

Reiki complements rather than replaces conventional veterinary medicine, so if you have any issues or concerns, I would highly encourage you to consult with your vet before booking a session.


If you're looking to heal the heart and release the pain, tension or "blocks" to your sacred path, you may benefit from The Pathway to Heart Harmony©. This is a special healing practice that weaves together a number of applied natural, heart-based and earth medicine techniques. 

It is often a blend of several healing modalities including compassionate listening, shamanic healing arts or "Earth Medicine" which is the practice honouring the earth, nature and gifts with ritual, ceremony and reverence. I may also employ crystal and/or sound healing, as well as Reiki energy healing.

Each session will be tailored to your unique journey and what you wish to obtain out of the session, whether it's healing of the mind, body or soul.

There are two "journeys" that I offer. One that can be booked as a single session, which is great if you have one area of particular concern. If you wish to delve deeper into inner work, an immersive and expandable package is also available. 

H.I.Wk Heart Harmony

Individual Session  - Listening to Your Heart Whispers 

What to expect during the session . . .

Think of having a good conversation, with a friend who will listen and share their heart. This session is much the same. We'll sit down and talk as friends, much like curling up on the sofa with a great cup of coffee or tea, but with someone on the other side will really hear you at your heart level. You can express anything here. There is no judgement or projections of what you should feel. This journey is all about you and learning to find the stillness and mindfulness to listen to your heart whispers.

My role is to be the facilitator of this personal journey. I provide a safe and comforting place to do this important inner work. My part is to be present for you, to guide you toward clarity and provide gentle support and guidance, to work through any pain you're experiencing, as I illuminate a path of acceptance, release and finally empowerment.

What will I Feel?

Clients report feeling clearer about their intentions, their life goals and their inner stirrings, with a new appreciation and awareness of themselves and the negative patterns that may be sabotaging their own success and happiness. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions? 

This can be booked as a single session.

Pathway to Your Heart Wisdom - a Deepening (Six hours of sessions)

Is your heart hurting? Is it calling you to awaken and deepen your heart's inner wisdom? If you're ready to explore your deepest yearnings and the sacred whispers of your heart, if you're ready to find that "home' within yourself, a sacred place of belonging, peace and contentment, then this journey is for you. 

What to Expect During Your Sessions . . .

This journey involves a deeper commitment, but it is well worth it to discover your true heart's path and to release any negative energy that can cloud your true self.

I will ask you to commit to the initial 90 minute session plus up to another five hours of sessions over three months. During those sessions, we will work deeply within your inner landscape to reconnect, remember and reclaim your heart wisdom. 

Each session will build upon the foundation we set, and the Journey Steps outlined below. Some of these steps will require a little bit of homework, but each exercise is designed to move you toward your healing goal. 

This in-depth exploration of the self involves a path that winds from your first step to your first peak - which is often the first breakthrough that allows you to continue on your path toward enlightenment and empowerment. 

Each Journey Begins with . . .

The First Step 

I begin with a gentle discovery. Through discussion and guided visualization, we will work together, to recognize the areas in which you feel lost. Once you acknowledge your sources of concern and patterns that no longer serve you, we will work together to release them and create a new pathway to healing which will guide us over the next sessions.

In this step, I may interweave a few different modalities such as Earth Medicine (shamanic healing arts), sound healing, Reiki energy, and earth-based wisdom. Further work may include accessing the natural wisdom of nature.

The Middle Path

Now that we've laid the foundation of our journey, the deeper work can begin. This next step involves reconnecting to your heart wisdom and finding the path to who we are holistically. It involves an exploration of those tender places which need tending, nurturing and love. It also involves self-care and learning to "step" into your own personal power, to come from a place of strength, not weakness and a place of clarity, not confusion, as you learn to listen to your inner wisdom.

Reaching Your First Peak

This is the last step in this package and involves reclaiming your truth, as you begin to write your new story. In the First Step, you identified your concern. On the Middle Path, you learned to tap into your inner wisdom and personal power. Now in Reaching Your First Peak, you will look back on your journey and see the patterns that needed to change, along with the steps you need to take to follow your heart's true path.

What will I Feel?

Through my experienced guidance and gentle wisdom, you will awaken to your heart's gifts, your personal medicine, and discover clarity and balance. As you reach your first "peak", you may glimpse the strong, wise and centered person that you were always meant to be, and your first journey may be just the first step that leads you to a whole new outlook on life. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions? 

Clients often experience great breakthroughs during these sessions and often book more follow-ups, either as a single session, to deal with specific issues, or to advance their healing journey in two additional steps or ongoing support.

Further support is available at an additional investment. Payment arrangements can be made.

What to Expect During Your Session . . .


There are times in our lives when we may seem deeper in grief than we anticipated. Whether it's losing a pet, a loved one, or a loss of self due to life events, grief can be so deep that we don't know how to get through it. It may seem never ending. Impossible to solve.

But with proper grief recovery support, I can move you through the grieving process and you can emerge from our sessions with the ability to talk about your loss without feeling pain. You can also learn to hold onto the good, cherished memories that keep that person or pet in your heart without the feelings of sadness or depression.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved animal companion or any number of the 43 losses identified by the Grief Recovery Method® Institute, such as loss of a job, marriage, loved one or major health changes, you may want to consider this healing practice to recover your sense of peace.

Grief Recovery How I Wk

Sessions are held in a one-on-one setting. The program is designed to guide you through a series of actions where you will learn to verbalize your feelings. We will talk through your loss and work toward completing the pain by moving through those feelings of sadness, to a place where you can heal your emotional wounds.

Together, we will develop an action plan for getting to that place of peace through an evidence-based, action-oriented, one-on-one Grief Recovery Method® Program. By carefully working through a specific action plan, you will recover from loss through a series of small and correct choices.

I use a complimentary text to guide recovery, called The Grief Recovery Handbook: 20th Edition by John W. James and Russell Friedman. For pet loss, I supply The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss by Cole James, John W. James, and Russell Friedman. The text will be provided upon commitment to the program. 

What will I Feel?

Upon completion, you will be equipped to handle and accept your loss. You will discover evidence-based coping mechanisms and will craft a personalized "grief action plan" that can be applied to any other losses that may occur or have occured. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions?

I do ask that participants commit to at least 6 or 7 sessions. This is the bare minimum I need to effectively complete the program. This sacred time is important, as people move through grief at different rates and to benefit from the emotional work, this process cannot be rushed.


Drums have been used for healing for many centuries and Tibetan Singing Bowls have been around for about 2500 years. Sound helps to calm, relax and release stresses from daily life and an emotional pressure stored in the body that may build up over time. 

Sound Healing How I Wk

What to Expect During Your Session . . .

After a short discussion, you will lay on a comfortable Reiki table (fully clothed) and begin with a short time of breath work. After this, I will begin to play several musical instruments such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drum and chimes. The Tibetan singing bowls and drums will help the brain slowly move from beta brainwaves (engaged in consciousness) to alpha and theta brainwaves (restful meditation and those engaged in deep sleep). Different tonal frequencies are released by varying bowl size and method of playing.


You will not only "hear" these vibrational tones, but you will also feel them within your body. Because the human body is made up of about 70-80% water, sound resonates on a cellular level, which allows the body to relax.


Toward the end of the session, you will be brought gently back to beta or full consciousness, feeling relaxed and ready to greet the rest of the day. 

What will I Feel?

You will feel a deep relaxation throughout your body. You may even drift off into a meditative state or fall asleep, which don't worry, you will still receive healing benefits even if you do. Many clients report feeling peaceful, centered, and sometimes energized by these sessions. And recent research has shown that these sound healing instruments have positive healing effects on physical healing, boosting the immune system, and producing an overall sense of well-being. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions?

You can experience this as a one-time session, but the healing benefits are always enhanced by continued sound healing sessions.


Forest Bathing How I Wk

The forest is a magical place to evoke the senses, commune with nature and to find natural healing by being in close proximity to the land and all its healing energetic wisdom. As urban dwellers, we often detach from our natural surroundings and are prone to losing our ancestral connection to the earth. That's why it's important to go out into nature, to rediscover the secret, ancient healing that previous generations have tapped into for centuries. 

What to Expect During Your Sessions . . .

Yes, this involves a literal "walk through the forest". But it isn't simply a pleasant stroll through nature. Throughout several invitational intervals in the session, I will guide you along a path, absent of daily distractions, to become a participant in the forest's natural ways of healing. You will breathe deeply in this magical place, alive with ancient gifts of energy, quiet joy and peacefulness. Amazing things can happen here, through the healing power of the forest.

What will I Feel?

As you walk, you may feel a heightened sense of awareness. Your senses will be drawn to the fresh perfume of living plants, varying shades of colour, the whisper of a gentle breeze or the trill of birdsong, or a ray of light as it sparkles sweetly off a stream. In this place of serenity, you will release your daily worries and may find a sense of belonging, perhaps for the first time in your life.


Forest bathing is also shown to improve a range health conditions, from high blood pressure, to stress and anxiety, to disorders of the nervous system. It can also alleviate pain and loss by increasing our feelings of joy, wonder and gratitude. 

Will I need Repeat Sessions?

This depends on how much you would like to integrate this practice into your everyday wellness routines. I recommend this as an ongoing modality for those seeking connection to nature and themselves, and for those seeking a deeper healing outside of a conventional "office" setting.

Have a Question? 

Reach out with a Question or to Book an Initial Session. Call 778.928.5717 to find out more about a certain service or healing practice.

I want you to feel completely comfortable with me and my services. I also want you to feel that you will be in safe hands. Do you have a question that hasn't been answered? Please get in touch and I'll work with you to give you the answer you need.

If you would like to know the rates for each service, please visit the individual offering listed on the
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