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Everyone's healing is different. That's why I offer individual sessions that allow me to focus solely on you.

Through my one-on-one guidance, I can tailor your specific healing journey, whether you need to heal from wounds, stress, grief, confusion, or if you're seeking spiritual connection or personal empowerment. Through my individual sessions of Reiki, Animal Reiki, Heart Harmony, Sound Healing, Forest Bathing, Grief Recovery®, you can find a place of wellbeing and peace, where your heart's inner wisdom can be revealed. 

"It isn't the healer that heals you. It is through their guidance you learn to

heal yourself."      - Anonymous

Individual Sessions

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that facilitates the flow of life force energy which means it's a non-invasive, gentle form of healing, suitable for all ages. It promotes wellbeing, balance and helps the body heal on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. It also is known to help alleviate pain and discomfort as well as reduce stress by inducing a state of total relaxation. 


Rate: 1 Hour - $85        In Appreciation: Healthcare Worker or First Responder: 1 Hour - $75 

Contact & Location Details

Tel: 778.928.5717

Email: reana@tenderheart

Located: Fraser Heights, Surrey, BC

By Appointment Only

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a loving and natural way to deliver healing energy to your dear animal friend. Ideal for dogs, cats, horses and any other animals who may be experiencing stress, trauma, pain or anxiety. Animal Reiki sessions are always performed in the animal's home, for their ease and comfort, and involves the gentle touching of their biofield to promote healing, pain relief, calm and relaxation.

This practice is gentle enough for all pet ages and even post-surgery. It helps provide a more natural form of healing that can complement a veterinarian's treatment plan. 

Rate: 1 Hour - $85 (including travel)

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The heart holds all the answers you need. You just have to listen to it. If you've lost this important connection to your heart's inner wisdom, I can help you reconnect by providing clarity and healing for a specific issue or concern. Through compassionate and respectful listening, along with other healing modalities such as Reiki, Sound Healing and/or Earth Medicine, you will be guided along a journey of self-discovery, to awaken your true heart's purpose and discover your personal power within. 

I offer two distinct journeys: 

Listening to Your Heart Whispers - offers a 90 minute session of healing for a specific problem or concern. Several modalities may be used to provide clarity and inspiration, so you can embrace what is bothering you and release it in a safe space, free from judgment.

Rate for Listening to Your Heart Whispers: 90 minutes - $110

Pathway to Your Heart Wisdom - This is considered as a "deepening session" that allows you to reconnect with your senses, release old outdated patterns that no longer serve you and to do the inner work that can bring you satisfaction, gratitude and peace. This program is ideal for those who are ready to explore their inner selves in-depth and those who seek to gain a better understanding of how to overcome obstacles by empowering the self.

Investment for Pathway to Your Heart Wisdom: 6 hours of sessions over three months - $500

Further support is available afterward, at an additional investment. Payment arrangements can be made.




A great way to de-stress. Listen to beautiful sounds as you allow your body and mind to relax. Attain clarity and connection with your deeper self through purposeful listening and the blending of several instruments such as singing bowls, drums, chimes, and rain stick.

Sound healing is perfect for those who want to release emotional pressure, balance the chakras and calm the mind, as you destress from daily life.

Rate: 45 minutes - $80  In Appreciation: Healthcare Worker or First Responder: 1 Hour - $70

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Forest Bathing

The forest is waiting . . . It holds a special invitation, just for you. All you need is a guide to help you navigate the forest's secret world of ancient wisdom, healing properties and the peace and clarity that only nature can provide. Ready yourself to be enveloped, cradled and held gently within the generosity and atmosphere of the forest, where there's no judgment or criticism, only your heart's inner stirrings and a feast of the senses that will expand your inner landscape.

This isn't nature "hike". It's a healing practice, suitable for most ages and involves a slow guided, deliberate walk, usually only a kilometer or so. 

Rate: approximately 2 - 3 Hours - $105

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It isn't easy to soothe an aching heart. The journey of grief recovery is different for everyone; but one true thing for most people is that the only way to ease the grief is to go 'through' the grieving process. As a specialist, trained and certified in  grief recovery, I can help you work through your grief, so you can hold onto the good memories but lessen the sharp pain of loss . . . 

Tender Heart Healing offers two Grief Recovery Method® Programs; one that is 7 weeks long and a Pet Loss Program that is 6 weeks long. 

I conduct our sessions with understanding and respect that is individually focused toward your goal. Please feel welcome to reach out to me prior to booking your session; I can help you select the best program for your needs. 


Personal Losses One-on-one Program (seven sessions) $549

Pet Loss One-on-one Program (six sessions) $499

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