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Find Spiritual Growth and Healing During Covid-19. Really?

Updated: May 19, 2020

A woman finding spiritual Growth and Healing in the stillness of a wooden boat in calm marine blue water.
Stillness Leads to Spiritual Growth and Healing, Even in a Boat

During these last couple of months, ‘normal life’ has been strained as we move through this health crisis. So much so, that some of us don’t even want to hear the words Covid-19 or Pandemic anymore. In many ways, it could be a catalyst for old wounds, and unresolved issues to resurface. We’ve likely not thought of this experience as a container for spiritual growth and healing but it can be if we listen.

Because the world is in ‘reset’, we have the gift of time.

We’ve been forced to slow our daily lives down. Some may see it as a darkness, a dying of our old way of living; something negative. Others may see this health pandemic experience as a re-birthing akin to being in the magical space between the inhale and exhale. It’s like a journey gifting us a soft, fresh resting place to examine, reflect, take stock of where we are as a person, what we want to change and who we want to become.

It may be not obvious. It could be a shrouded whisper that is getting louder; a sacred murmur that's evolving but doesn’t have a clear label . . . or a repeated pattern, that’s catapulted us into a full heartache or heartbreak.

Deep down, we do know, whatever it is . . . we cannot remain where we are.

Plodding and emerging weary, fatigued like a butterfly from its chrysalis, we come to the crack in time’s container with a knowing, a deep sense that to remain here, we're not in right relationship with ourselves. Over time, it may explain why we’ve felt out of sorts, cranky, not liking one’s self, feeling emotionally isolated or ‘I’m so done!’. It’s important not to lose hope as we will collectively move at different paces through this anxious time to the other side together.

We are spiritual beings. We must recognize that the Universe, Spirit, God (whatever resonates), through our heart and soul is trying to tell us something. It’s equally important to allow spiritual growth and healing to take its time to create a solid foundation to build upon to move forward. The decision to move forward is essential to find greater well-being.

Choose this time to re-claim at least a part of your sacred self.

Here are a few simple ways to get started and initiate clarity.

  • Acknowledge and sit with it for a while in a comfy place. Don’t force an outcome.

  • Purposefully meditate on the issue.

  • If trained to do so, journey to the issue.

  • Sit in nature and just ‘Be’. Allow whatever is presented to come forward.

  • Give the issue some space. Intentionally being calm and relaxed may lead to some clarity.

  • Walk a labyrinth with intention.

A gentle warning . . . don’t raise expectations so high that they may lead to disappointment.

Life teaches us that for spiritual growth and healing to occur, waiting, listening and observing is often a good course of action. For those who are A-type personalities or who tend to rush things, this is ‘doing something’. Prior to returning to work or to some sense of the old normalcy, we have time. When aligned with our heart and soul’s truth, we become harmonized within ourselves as we've listened to the whispers of our heart, body and soul’s wise intelligence. This is spiritual growth and healing.

If you are in a place where you want to go deeper to gain peace and harmony and require guidance, Tender Heart Healing can help you get there. Give Reana a call at 778.928.5717. You can also contact her by completing the online form.

Thank you to Sebastian Closuit - Photograher for the beautiful picture.

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