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From Not Knowing To A Reiki Class

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Sure. This Covid experience has put a damper on all sorts of things we've wanted to do in the past, and, in some ways, it still does. However, I am currently offering Reiki classes in-person but with masks donned. Why? I work from home and in a class, we work in close proximity of each other. My husband is autoimmune compromised and I have a 91 year old Mom of whom we see frequently. As with Reiki, it’s for self first. In a work situation, family comes first. I couldn’t bear the thought of passing Covid to others.

A bit of background . . .

The month of November was the last reiki class I held in 2020. The Covid case numbers and restrictions were very fluid at the time. It was new territory. We were waiting to see when we could resume not knowing that we'd be are still waiting several months later. Yes, I could have presented the Holy Fire III style of reiki online but as a Registered Reiki Master Teacher belonging to the Canadian Reiki Association and according to their membership policy, I was unable. Why? The Association feels that reiki is best taught person-to-person. And I agree.

This form of instruction brings the richness, personal touch and experience of the teacher to the class in a special way that can be lost online. It's also a chance to offer students immediate explanations, answers to questions, and guidance with the opportunity to put training into practice under the watchful eye of a Reiki Master. And, then there is the sense of a community and interaction with other students, to be able to learn from each other which may be distanced from learning online.

Reiki is for self, first.

One thing learned in the Level I class is that Reiki is for self first. Reiki will subtly open up channels that appear or seemed blocked. To help heal, whether they be human or animal or situation, the person offering reiki is best to be working on their own healing first.

Does this mean one has to be perfectly healed to offer reiki? The answer is a clear “no”.

Our healing journey continues all of our lives. Some people may be a little further down their healing paths than others. There is no judgement in this. By healing oneself first, it helps strengthen one’s body, mind and spirit, and to move forward.

The beautiful thing is that when one offers reiki and because you are not using your own energy, you are receiving reiki, too. It’s wonderful to be able to release that which no longer serves you; Reiki will help do that as well.

How to get from 'not knowing' to 'taking a class'?

Many of my students have surprised me by relaying their journey to a reiki class. Some have mentioned that they've found themselves wanting to learn reiki because they've heard about it and feel this is something they need to do. Some students arrive and have never even experienced reiki, feeling that taking a class is something they have to do. Others take reiki classes because they want to be able to help heal themselves and/or members of their family. Yet some students have been called to learn reiki knowing they want to help heal others and create a business practice around it. Whatever the reason, there hasn't been one student that I am aware of who has regretted taking at least the certified introductory class - Level I.

Reiki has a magical way of bringing together those who need healing and fulfilment on any or all levels ~ mentally, emotionally, physical, spiritually.

Are you ready to Jump into a Reiki Class?

Reana teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki plus Reiki for Animals.

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