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Stuck on How to Drop into Your Heart? Here's Help!

Ever been to a yoga or spiritual enlightenment/meditation class and were asked to 'now drop into your heart'? You may have fumbled along, glad that others had their eyes closed, while wondering, "How on earth do I do that?" It's actually quite easy, and with some practice, you can go deeper into a sacred altered state. Here's how!

'Dropping into your heart', especially during these mixed up, unsteady times, can help with de-stressing, finding peace and clarity, or just being in the moment. It can be with a nice cup of herbal tea, lying on the grass, yoga mat, floor, or sitting in comfy clothes in a comfortable position. Playing soft gentle music that resonates with your senses provides a lovely backdrop. Using your favourite essential oil in a diffuser can really help to raise the vibration in a room. Adding a safely lit candle adds to the initial ambiance and helps set the tone of a sacred space.

Dropping into your heart is like meditation. And no, you don't have to empty your mind. Just set aside any thoughts the best you can and become aware of your breath and place your hands over your heart.

Mindful breathing requires focus on the slow inhale through the nose, holding your breath, then slowly exhale through the mouth. Bringing your attention to how it feels each time, not worrying long you hold the inhale, will also slowly bring you into 'being in the moment.' Repeat this at least three to five times, each time sharpening your focus. This will help center yourself.

It's just you, your heart and breath in the room.

Over a bit of time, using all of your senses, discover and feel what you are feeling in different parts of your body. Are you comfortable, warm, cool, relaxed, anxious, worried? Any tightened muscles, aching, pain? Notice these spots and thank them for showing you who they are.

Now in this state of being present, feel your heart beating beneath your hands. It's YOUR heart and no one else's. While still breathing in a mindful way, be with your heart for a bit.

How does IT feel? Acknowledge what your heart tells you. Sometimes when one is in their heart space, messages will come. Or, you may ask it a question. It's in the stillness of your state of being that listening with intent which will give you answers. While focusing on your heart space and breathing, your mind will take a back seat.

You're there. You're now in your heart!

Know that it will serve you well, all-ways.

Your heart is always with you. It will never deceive you. The trick is to listen, trust and follow its guidance.

With so many options out there to choose from about wellness, spirituality, doing inner work during this time of the year, a person can feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s best to just close the door to enjoy the glow of silence and your home. Dropping into your heart in your home space can help you feel comfy and safe. It can also be an especially beautiful experience in a favourite sit spot in nature. It will add another dimension to your experience.

This little practice of dropping into your heart is a quick and easy way to slip into the flow of sacred space. It's so intimately personal and . . . relaxing. Try writing (include the date) about your experiences in a journal after each occasion. It's often nice to go back to see how far you've come over time.

And . . . it's a nice thing to do for yourself.

With a bit of practice, the next time you're at a class, meditation or yoga, it'll be so much easier that you'll likely be able to skip much of the mindful breathing and go where you need to be. In your heart.

You've got this. You’re on your way!

Wishing you all the best of the festive season. See you in the New Year!


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