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Service Offerings


Feeling disconnected? Not in tune with your true self?

People lose themselves for many reasons; the demands of a career or a busy home life, past relationships, old wounds, life events, even technology can lead us to feel separated, isolated and disconnected from our inner self. 

Formal therapy was often the default place for people to find healing. But it doesn't work for everyone. And I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to heal themselves in a more organic, natural way.

Tender Heart Healing offers a sanctuary, a place where people can be heard without judgement, seen with respect and spoken to with kindness. A place that you can come to be healed, and to heal yourself, by trusting your inner voice once more.

You have a choice in the way you want to be healed . . . 

My clients often say they leave our sessions feeling energized and inspired. They feel empowered and look forward to their life. I often hear that they like the "new" person they've become and are surprised at how good they feel.


Tender Heart Healing provides various types of natural holistic healing services, including: 

Note ~ Some Service Offerings can be incorporated to create a beautiful customized  Private Circle or Ceremony to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, engagements, mother or baby blessings, divorce, rites of passage, or celebration of life for pets, etc. 

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