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Sound Healing


Sound can calm the mind, helps with stress and anxiety and can balance the chakras for optimal well being.

Weaving together several instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, drums, and chimes, sound medicine helps release the stresses of daily life through intentional listening and focusing, along with the gentle playing of vibrational sounds and intervals.

This practice has been used for centuries to help release the emotional pressure stored in the body that can build up over days and weeks. The gentle vibrations of instruments sink into your body to bring your inner workings in tune with a more positive vibrational frequency. Perfect for settling a busy mind or for those who find it difficult to relax. Sound healing is also known lessen moontime cramping and little aches and pains that can be caused by a stressed body and mind.

Sound Healing Rates:

Individual Session: 45 minutes - $80

Sound Healing with Guided Meditation: One Hour - $90

Sound Healing Offering
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